Tottle serves up scrumptious pies in time for Wimbledon!

Tottle serves up scrumptious pies in time for Wimbledon!

At Tottle, we are looking forward to the 2016 Wimbledon tournament, and we will be watching the games in anticipation of yet another win for Great Britain; hoping Andy Murray or even Johanna Konta will bring home a trophy!

With the first game taking place on the 27th June, and the tournament running through until the 10th July, we will have our strawberries, cream and Pimms chilled and ready to be enjoyed. This year, there is much more excitement than usual, as Tottle is here, and we can really keep the hunger pangs at bay with a Tottle treat ready to savour.

Whether your taste buds are tantalised with the thought of a pork and stilton pork pie, or your flavour of the day is a pork, apple and cider pork pie, don’t double fault ,make sure you order your Tottle pies in time for the tournament. We will be enjoying our Tottle pies during Wimbledon and hope you will be too.

In anticipation of this Great British event here are five fascinating fun facts to enjoy:

54,250 tennis balls were used across the tournament in 2015

More than one or two visitors enjoyed a tipple or two, with 320,000 glasses of Pimms served last year

140,000 portions of strawberries were sold to the hungry visitors at Wimbledon in 2015

290 million tennis balls can fit into centre court with the roof closed

The top selling piece of merchandise in 2015 was the gentleman's men's championship towel

So let's all get behind Great Britain and have a tournament to be proud of!