Tottle and a Tipple!

Tottle and a Tipple!

While we all may enjoy a good old Tottle pie as part of an intimate picnic with the object of our affection or as part of a buffet spread at a family shindig, we still need something to accompany them - in the liquid form, that is.

What better than a cool, crisp white wine in the late summer sun, a full-bodied red enjoyed next to the heat of a barbeque or something with a little more fizz for those sunny celebrations.

Just for you, we’ve paired each of our Tottle pies with a recommended tipple – cheers!

  • Pork and Cider

Cider is by far the best match with a traditional recipe pork pie which is why there was no objection to our Pork and Cider pairings. However, a light Prosecco would also be great to drink alongside our Tottle pie to really bring out the apple notes in the scrummy cider flavourings. You could also try a Chablis or a White Burgundy.

  • Real McCoy

If you’re more of a wine fan than a cider drinker, we can recommend a Southern French red wine, perhaps a Côtes du Rhône to bring out the tender, succulent pork in our Real McCoy that has been slow cooked to perfection.

  • Pork, Cheddar and Ale

With a classic pork pie such as Tottle’s Pork, Cheddar and Ale pie, a good old English Bitter would always go down well but a good red burgundy or Pinot Noir would be just as complementary.

  • Pork and Stilton
    Fruit wines are too often overlooked but try an Elderberry wine for a refreshing summer time change – they can be perfectly port-like to really bring out the flavour in the Stilton

Whatever the weather this summer, make sure you’ve enough Tottle pies to go around. You can buy the exclusively online here (link)