Perfect Pairings - Check Out A Chutney

Perfect Pairings - Check Out A Chutney

There is no more classic a coupling than a great pork pie with delicious chutney. Here at Tottle, we’ve got a few suggestions that you might like to try to sit alongside our posh pies.

Real McCoy and Piccalilli

English pork pies, are a culinary classic and our Real McCoy Tottle is a stand-out example of what a great pork pie should be. A sharp, mustardy piccalilli, containing tumeric and other secret spices, can cut perfectly through the Real McCoy’s watercrust pastry and real cuts of British pork meat.

Pork, Cheddar and Ale with plum chutney

We’re all familiar with the strong taste of a good cheddar cheese and the offering in our Pork, Cheddar and Ale pie is just as tasty. A spicy tomato relish would enhance the cheddar and pork flavourings, bringing a fresh, sweetly-sharp bite to the palate.

Pork and Stilton with fig and walnut chutney

A fig and walnut chutney is not just for Christmas…it’s also for serving alongside Tottle’s Pork and Stilton pork pie. If you’re planning far ahead though, you might also want to indulge in a nice port to really get those Wintery evenings going.

Pork, Apple & Cider with apple cider chutney

Give into temptation and indulge in some serious apple-loving with a side of apple chutney alongside our Pork, Apple and Cider pork pie. A little boozy kick that would be perfect on a summer’s afternoon in the English countryside.