'Tottle' on down to Sainsbury's - the posh pies have arrived!

'Tottle' on down to Sainsbury's - the posh pies have arrived!

We are delighted to announce that four of our spiffing new Tottle products have arrived in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. Bringing 80 years of history and giving it a luxury twist, our new Tottle products in Sainsbury’s stores embody the very essence of Tottle, pure indulgence. From our quality premium ingredients, to their exquisite taste, we are uncompromising in our delivery of our decadent products. Bringing an elegant twist to the classic favorites, convenient enough for everyone to enjoy, hurrah for us!

From our range of ‘posh pork pies’ we have the new Pork, Apple & Cider Pie, and The Real McCoy. These grand pork pies bring both the chunkier texture and larger flavour combination which we at Tottle pride ourselves on, as well as delivering on our commitment to deliver the perfect pork pie that cannot be rushed!

We have also unveiled two new scrumptious products, the Three Pork Sausage Roll, and the Pork, Black Pudding and Stilton Sausage Roll as part of our pastry line expansion, which are both very splendid indeed. Perfect for both an afternoon snack and a flavorful lunch, these sausage rolls are unlike anything you have tasted before.

So why not ‘Tottle’ on down to your nearest Sainsbury’s and indulge in our tantalizing new Tottle products!

Taste buds tingling, but no Sainsbury’s in sight? Never fear! Our website shop is still open, making it that little bit easier to treat yourself to a Tottle.